Anyone who knows me understands I am all about saving, and that is true. But more than saving, I am about making good choices. I save where I can and it is just ingrained in me to do this. It really has nothing to do with a budget but my thought is this - The more I save on something, the more I have to spend on something else. I guess it is really about re-allocating the funds. Why let the cable company get rich when I only watch tv two nights a week. Do I really need every channel available. Why not use a coupon for something I buy, it doesn't make me look poor, but rather smart, and who doesn't want to look smart. 

Here is where saving doesn't look smart though. Read Tony's (true story) about a team mate that lost himself a good deal of money because he was trying to save money. This saving actually backfired and cost him money. 

A guy on my  team (Kenneth) just quit. But he hadn't gotten around to canceling his account or turning off his autoresponders.

Since he'd done a tiny bit of marketing, he had a few leads. 

His autoresponders were still going and putting people through the system.....and he ACCIDENTALLY got a signup. 

THAT guy (Craig) went through our system, saw how the pay plan worked and decided to go "all in" and purchase the rest of his products.


==> Kenneth, the guy who had all but QUIT, earned $1,600 in ONE day yesterday! 

Tell me.....Can you think of another business that is so simple, so easy and so automated that even someone doing NOTHING can have a $1,600 day? LOL

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False Advertising, what do you think?

I stopped at Kmart to pick up a few items listed in their flyer. After parking at the garden center entrance, I pulled out the flyer and proceeded inside. I found two of the three items I wanted to buy. I got to check out and the employee informed me that they are a different Kmart. My thought was, WHAT?

He proceeded to tell me that they are a test Kmart and they don't always have items listed in the flyer and don't have the same prices. I showed him the flyer and said that the items were clearly marked as sale items and they matched the ones in my cart. He finally did an override and gave me the lower prices. Do you think this was False Advertising?

This entire checkout should have been no more than 5 minutes but turned into 30 minutes. I posted a message to Kmart today about it and this is what they said:

Kmart Thanks for sharing your recent shopping experience with us, Vicki. At which store were you shopping so that we may pass your feedback and concerns along? We want to make you are aware that every store location upholds to their own coupon policy. Please check with your local Kmart to find out how you can receive the most out of your coupons. In the meantime, we do have coupons of our own which you can find here: http://www.shopyourway.com/app/10041/r.

I found it interesting that they would side with the store on a flyer issue then turn around and try to get my business with their online store. Why would I purchase again when I haven't resolved the first problem? 

Here is my response to what they wrote, see if you agree with me or them? 

So, you are saying that every store does not have to honor the store flyer sent out in the Sunday paper? Had nothing to do with a coupon. Why go by the name Kmart if they don't honor the Kmart flyer? When I go to McDonald and they have $1 sweet tea, they all have it. Not just one restaurant out of 50.

What is your take on this situation? Is it False Advertising





Fight The Forces of Evil


Water marble Nail Art


Hey Internet Jury, I need your help......What do you think should happen to people who tell a lie so bad on another person that it could alter their path in life? When the lie is discovered do you think that they should receive the same punishment that the person being accused was to receive?

Give me your thought on this.


Lies start happening to us as children and progress into adult life. This can affect the path we take and how we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us. Don't allow anyone to "rain on your parade" and follow your dreams when others can't see what you can. You can be anthing you choose to be in life. Follow your dreams and find a way to make it reality.

This is what I am doing finally at age 40. I have been told to follow directions and be thankful for the great job when you get one. Well, that great job is changing and I guess I am changing too. I want to be valued as a worker and a I want to be known by my name; a number will no longer do.

Make it a Great Day, Vicki & Brian



Fight The Forces of Evil

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